13 Ghanaian Foods You Probably Haven’t Eaten Since You Were A Kid

So growing up, we all had that one food that we were hooked on but now that we are old, we can’t even remember the last time we tasted it.

This food could be something you tasted way back in the village and never had the chance to taste again since you left or something that was common back in the day but not readily available these days.

Here are 13 foods you probably haven’t eaten again since you were a kid.

1. Yakayaka.

When was the last time you tasted yakayaka with some good “one man thousand” and some nicely prepared pepper sauce? Awwwww!!! See how you feeling nostalgic right now.

2. Abodoo.

That dish that comes in a partly covered leaf and also goes very well with “one man thousand”. When was the last time you tasted some and actually licked your fingers? It has been a while, right? Yeah! we know, they are not common these days.

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3. Agidi.

We don’t know if this food is specifically cooked for the sick because it seems the only time you get to eat it is when you’re down with a fever, then they serve you with some light soup. Anyway, the question still remains, when was the last time you actually tasted this food?

4. Ntekyere.

Ntekyere is not that common on our streets but once in a while, you get to taste some. To be honest, it has been a while since boys tasted this food oh! and we know it.

5. Sasa.

Sasa is that food that is prepared with mashed roasted cocoyam and palm oil poured on it, somehow similar to “Eto”. It is very common among the Akuapems of Eastern region and even with that, we are sure there are many Akuapem guys reading this right now who don’t even remember the last time they tasted this food.


6. Ofam.

Let’s just say Ofam is the Akuapems form of “Ripe Plantain Cake” and although it is beginning to get the hype these days, it is something which was common when we were kids and we wonder the last time you tasted it, that’s even if you’ve tasted it before.

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7. Apotonsu.

This isn’t a common one but if you’re from the Eastern region, you might be privy to it. It is actually a mixture of ripe plantain and unripe plantain mashed together. Both the unripe and ripe plantains are roasted but the ripe plantain is not peeled when put on fire while the unripe one is.  When they are done, they are mashed together with onions, pepper and salt to taste and actually cooked in an earthenware bowl, omg!!! it is heavenly. But we doubt you even know the last time you tasted it.

8. Ayigbe Biscuit.

Yeah! we know, your mouth is watering and you wish to taste some right now but unfortunately, they are not readily available but if you really need some, you will get it.

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9. Ayigbe Toffee.

Yeah! we know, it has been while since you tasted some.

10. Nkanfoo.

Nkanfoo is another type of yam which is not common these days but when we were kids, we loved it.

11. Afasee.

Afasee is also another type of yam and it doesn’t really taste that great but the texture and how it feels in your mouth will make you love it but we doubt you can even remember the last time you tasted it.

12. Mpehuu/Nnuhuu.

Mpehuu or Nnuhuu, similar to mportormportor but made out of cocoyam is also another food we hardly get to eat these days although they are available. Do you remember the last time you tasted it?


13. Aprapransa.

These days, we do see some aprapransa here and there but it is not like that food you can just walk to a vendor to buy when you crave for some and we are sure it been a while since you tasted some.

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