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18 Terrible Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Like Punching Someone


8. Yeah!!! The Cyclop rabbit.

Tattoos are pieces of art on our bodies that should make the person look good or should look good on the person and because they are permanent, you dare not make any mistake about it but it seems these people got it all wrong.

Here are 16 terrible tattoos that will make you feel like punching someone, seriously…


1. So what’s this guy trying to tell us, he loves Ice Cream?


2. Just wow!


3. Nawaa!! for this guy oh!!


4. Nailed it…hahaha haha hahaha!!!

horrible tattoo


5. If you can’t do it, just say it, why force something like this?

horrible tattoos


6. Omg!! This tattoo artist ruined this parent’s life, now his children will hate him forever.


7. You can’t remember MJ horribly like this.

8. Yeah!!! The Cyclop rabbit.

9. This guy will definitely smack the artist in the face for doing this because defo made him regret.

We're talking #BadTattoos next with #LeeLukeAndRae What's the worst tattoo you've ever seen? #Tattoo #Tattoos #Oops #TattooFail

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10. He nailed it…lol!!

11. How can you let someone mess up your life like this, is that a tiger?

12. Omg!!! Dude just ruined his face.

My word would be: Why! What's yours? #badtattoo #badtattoos #ink #art #design #create #creation

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13. What did this guy do to the artist to warrant such a painful ordeal?

14. When you allow your ex to do your tattoo.

16. As far as we know, this guy is probably dead by now.

This still makes me laugh. Researching tattoo removal this popped up! Hahaha! #badtattoos

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17. That’s a disappointment 

18. Even the Tiger is surprised. 

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