25 White Folks Who Just Couldn’t Get Enough Of Ghanaian Foods

Ghanaian dishes are the bomb and there is a good reason why foreigners just can’t keep their hands off it.

There have been many cases where white folks travelled abroad and were scared to taste the food in the country but not Ghana. There is also a good reason why Ghanaian dishes were rated 2nd nutritious in the world.

These white folks clearly prove us right that Ghanaian dishes are the bomb and they couldn’t have enough of it.


1. This girl clearly looks like she just tasted the best food in her life.

white folks eating Ghanaian dishes


2. This lady almost swallowed her hand when she tasted banku and okro stew for the first time.

Whites eating Ghanaian dishes


3. This lady had to quickly gulp down some sachet water so she can clear her system for some nice jollof rice and chicken.

Jollof rice


4. This dude couldn’t resist this Banku and Okro soup

banku and okro soup


5. Obviously, you can tell these white folks can’t have enough of this kenkey.



6. Yam and palaver sauce all the way

yam and palaver sauce


7. Banku seems to be winning this food war, these white folks love it.

banku and okro stew


8. You see? More Banku here, this time with light soup


banku and light soup


9. This white lady really needs some tutorials on how to eat fufu

fufu and light soup


10. This woman actually ate Fufu and Okro stew…omg!!! who did this to her?

fufu and okro stew


11. And the Lord said, I shall lay you a table in front of your enemies and it shall be fufu…bam!!!



12. Let’s pray this dude doesn’t swallow the bowl.


banku and soup


13. Okay! she needs some training on how to handle Ghanaian dishes



14. When you have to eat like your life depends on it.

banku palaver sauce


15. Fufu and groundnut soup all the way.



16. Eeeeiii!!! she clear the bowl oh! she no leave some self for the dog…lol!!

fufu light soup


17. Charley!!! This woman is enjoying some eto with yam, I dey jealous am oh!



18. Someone save this dude from biting his fingers…lol!!

fufu abenkwan


19. And this one too, before he paints his face with the palm nut soup

banku abenkwan


20. This guy de3!!! e spoil there koraa

banku okro stew


21. This woman want actually finish this banku then wash am down with some club beer oh! old lady get levels.

banku okro stew


22. She wanted all the red red to herself…if you taste Ghanaian food, you go understand am.

red red


23. This one couldn’t believe he’s got all this meat to himself.


24. Chop time no friend.



25. Massa!! hwe nkwan


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