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16 Times This Kid Was Better Dressed Than All Of Us

Children are such a delight.

Cross off when they’re crying and they’re the cutest things on the face of the planet

We found this handsome kid called Armani who is not only cute but is the best-dressed kid we’ve seen and it’s not just the outfits, he has game fam.

Here are sixteen times Armani totally nailed this fashion something

1. So cute


2. Swaggu


3. Hausa demon


4. Yoruba demon


5. Baba Ibadan swag


6. ♥♥


7. On his way to steal your babe


8. Slaying with my mama because that’s what we do best


9. Igbo crowned prince


10. Wassup wassup?


11. Freshest!


12. Teach us


13. Ahn ahn. Bad


14. Baddo


15. Baddest


16. Such a cute boy

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