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8 must haves for every woman’s wardrobe

Never have that “I-have-nothing-to-wear” moment again. Use these 8 basic pieces to build your wardrobe that will never fall out of style.

  • A crisp white shirt

This is a must have for every girl’s wardrobe. The most appropriate white shirts are not too loose or too tight. They work for both formal and informal occasions and the best thing is that they can be paired with anything.

  • Jeans that fit

Whether your jeans are skinny, distressed, flared or boot cut, every woman needs a pair of jeans that makes their butt look perfect. Instant mood-booster!


  • The Perfect Blazer

Even if you do not engage in anything that requires looking prim and proper, you should always have a blazer that fits perfectly. You could go out of your style and pick out a colorful one preferably an African print because you can never go wrong with prints.

  • The little black dress

Black is a basic color that can be combined with pretty much everything. The trick is to keep it simple. A statement of jewelry and you are good to go.


  • A pair of heels

Heels are essential for a job interview or an elegant event. The key though is to ensure that they are very comfortable. After all, you need to be able to walk and stand in them.

  • Ballet flats

Every girl would once in a while want to wear something more elegant than sneakers and more comfortable than heels. Of course black and nude are the most versatile options but nothing hurts getting one with a pop of color.

  • Sneakers

Exercise is important and you would need a comfortable sneaker to engage in any form of sport. Complimenting some of your outfits with sneakers sends a good fashion statement.

  • Bag

A black medium size bag is a very portable accessory for your laptop and any other items you would need for lectures, the office or any event.

These eight basics for your wardrobe are essential in making every look simple yet classy. You could grab some accessories that complete your look like a watch or bracelet.

By Ivy Antwi

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