8 Shocking Barbaric Acts By The People Of Denkyira-Boase You Probably Didn’t Know

We believe by now most Ghanaians are aware of the barbaric act by the people of Denkyira-Boase in the central region that put them in the limelight for all the negative reasons when they lynched a military major they purported to be an armed robber.

After the incident, a lot has been said about the little village located in the central region and from the look of things, it seems they are well known for their barbaric way of life. There have been many reported cases from that same village but little attention has been paid to these incidents making Major’s incident the most widespread of all and may be God’s own way of bringing them to order.

From the look of what happened and how they carried out the act, it is obvious it was not their first time doing this and in case you thought what they did was their first mistake ever, then you need to re-think again because we are about to bust your bubble, here are 8 other barbaric acts perpetrated by these same people from the same Denkyira-Boase that we are sure you probably didn’t know.

The town has been rated as the most lawless in the country and here are some of the reasons why.


1. Conflict

In the year spanning between 2004 – 2007, there was a conflict in this same village and the people ended up beheading their queen mother. The chief’s palace was also razed to the ground by the people.

2. Lynching 

The military man’s case was not their first. In 2009, they lynched 3 people alleged to be armed robbers.

The question we keep asking is, what at all do these people have that armed robbers will want to steal from them.


3. Assault Teachers

In 2010, the people in the community assaulted the teachers of the Denkyira-Buasi R/C Primary school.

4. Chinese And Ghanaian Galamseyers Clash

In 2013, there was a clash between Chinese galamseyers and the people which resulted in the death of 14 Chinese men and 17 people from the community.

5. Lynching

In 2015, two unidentified people were killed and burnt in an alleged armed robbery case.

6. Macho Men Lynched

In October 2016, two macho men were killed for unknown reasons and till date, nobody knows why they decided to kill them.

7. Lynched Officer

In 2011, they killed one of two police officers who was sent to effect an arrest of one of the villagers. The other officer managed to escape. Due to this, no policeman wants to go to the village to cause an arrest, making them feel like they are on their own and can do whatever they like.


8. The Lynching Of Major Mahama

And finally, in May this year, they lynched a military man whom they claimed to be an armed robber.

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