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These Beautiful Photos Of Sister Derby In A Wedding Dress Should Be Giving Medikal Ideas

This is Deborah Venessa.


And this is Medikal.


Both Ghanaian musicians whom most Ghanaians know to be the tightest couple in town so far.

There have been rumours the two might be getting married soon. Although we’ve not heard any wedding bells yet, what Sister Derby has been posting on her Instagram page might prove the two are about to walk down the aisle pretty soon.

On her Instagram page, she was seen in a wedding gown with this caption,

He stole my heart so I am planning revenge… I am going to take his last name.

If there is anyone we all know this caption befits, then it is Medikal whom we all know to be her sweetheart unless she proves us otherwise.

Check out some of her pictures in a wedding gown and you will automatically agree with us things are about to go down pretty soon.

Don’t you agree with us from the look of things, it is obvious something is about to go down pretty soon?

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